Preventing Eviction of a Senior Citizen

Ms. BN lived in senior apartments, and did commission work to supplement her Social Security income.  Business has been very slow and income much less for the past two years. Ms. BN has an adult son who is very ill and has been hospitalized for an extended period.  She also has been very depressed.  Ms. BN sought rental assistance to make up for the partial payments she had been making for eight months. After being taken to Court, she received an eviction notice to vacate her premises. Koinonia  paid $500 towards her rent, and referred Ms. BN to Fairfax County’s Coordinated Services Planning.  The rest of the funds were paid from HOST and  Preventing and Ending Homelessness through Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services.  With the rent paid, Ms. BN was able to keep her housing. Through counseling provided by Koinonia , she has now moved to a considerably cheaper one bedroom apartment.

Preventing Eviction



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